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The other day, I had an opportunity to pose some questions to Zach Berman, Founder of The Juice Truck, right here in Vancouver. The Juice Truck started as a one truck show, mostly hanging out downtown Vancouver in 2011. In July 2014 The Juice Truck opened its first brick-and-mortar shop located at 28 West 5th Avenue in Vancouver.

I’ve been a regular customer since they opened the storefront and have really enjoyed their friendly service as much as their juice. It’s also the only place in Vancouver I’ve been able to find Pine Pollen, which helps naturally increase testosterone (I’ve had mine tested and it was on the low side **use with caution and get tested before playing around too much with anything hormonal).

We’re also super stoked to be hosting Zach and his business partner Ryan at our the next Vancouver Wellness Meetup happening March 26 at the Empower Health Clinic on Commercial Drive. They’ve generously offered to give everyone who attends a free juice or smoothie!!

Register HERE to see Zach and Ryan Live at the Vancouver Wellness Meetup for
Passion, Purpose and Practice Thursday, March 26, 2015


Awesome guys, doing awesome things. Enjoy the interview!!



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Zach, thanks for taking the time to answer some questions. One of the most interesting things about The Juice Truck for me is how it got started. As the story goes, it was during a trek in the Himalayas that the idea came to you and your business partner Ryan. Can you share that story?

Of course. Ryan and I took off for a year backpacking trip. We started off in Nepal. We were trekking through the Andaman region and were snowed in, in a mountain town called Manang. We noticed the locals drinking this vibrant orange coloured drink. We learnt that it was from a berry called Seabuckthorn. They explained that they got many of their daily nutrients from this berry and from the juice. That sparked a light bulb moment and we spent the rest of the year seeking out new ingredients and different juices. If you’re ever stuck for an idea…travelling opens up the opportunity for so much free thought and creativity!


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What’s the reaction been from the community since launching the business in 2011?

Our community is everything to us. We work with and for our community. They support us in every way and we wouldn’t be able to do what we do without them.


I’m well aware of the benefits of juicing, as I’ve felt the impact on my mental health, energy and body, but for someone who’s never tried fresh juice before, why should they?

Juicing is a quick and easy way to hit your body up with some nutrients and live enzymes. Cold Pressing liberates the nutrients and live enzymes from the fibre and allows your body to quickly assimilate these nutrients. You feel the results fairly quickly. We recommend drinking mostly vegetable based juices.


This blog focuses a lot on mental health and wellness. What are some brain benefits to juicing?

We recently did a juice with local company Booooooom for brain clarity 🙂 We had Integrative Healing and Feed Life help us with the concoction. There are lots of foods that help the brain whether it be for clarity or focus. Healthy fats are one of our favourite brain foods. We use a lot of coconuts and walnuts for this.


You guys make your juice with a cold-press process, correct? What is that and why is that better than regular fresh juice?

Cold Pressing is the best way to juice. Typical juicers use a lot of heat and friction. Heat and friction oxidize the juice and kill many of the nutrients and enzymes before you get the change to consume your juice. Cold Pressing uses 2 tonnes of hydraulic pressure to press your juice so no heat or friction is involved. This preserves the nutrients and enzymes and gives you the healthiest juice possible.


You guys offer juice cleanses.. who should do one and what are the benefits you’d likely see by doing one?

Our cleanses are designed for everyone. Whether you are a health nut and want to maintain your healthy lifestyle or someone wanting to curb bad habits and change your lifestyle. RHN Eden Elizabeth from Feed Life designed our cleanses with this approachable idea in mind. I usually do 2-3 cleanses a year. For me it helps keep my eating habits in check and keeps my priorities focused on health. I always get hooked by day 3 and want to keep going 🙂


You’ve gone from having a juice truck downtown Vancouver, to launching your storefront on West 5th Avenue… what’s next for The Juice Truck??

We’re looking to do 2-3 more storefronts in Vancouver and then who knows from there…maybe look to other cities 🙂


You were very generous to donate some healthy and super tasty snacks to the launch of The EDGE program (thank you!!).. what does The Juice Truck do to engage the community and give back and why is that important to you?

Without community we wouldn’t be here. We’re very thankful for that. Giving back and being a part of community is so important to us.


You’re speaking, with your business partner Ryan, at our next Vancouver Wellness Meetup happening March 26th.. what will you guys be sharing and why should people attend?

We’re going to share the key principals which we developed our business on… Passion, Purpose and Practice.

[Brent Edit] Zach and Ryan are too cool, they’ve offered every attendee who shows up a free juice or smoothie!!



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Awesome Zach!! Any other thoughts you’d like to share with our readers??

For those curious about juicing or getting into plant based eating we always recommend checking out the documentaries Hungry for Change and Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead. They’re both a fun way to get your mind where it needs to be in terms of healthy eating!

[Brent’s Edit] Both of those doc’s inspired me a ton as well. Super fun to watch and really inspiring if you’re feeling stuck with your health.


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That’s it!! Make sure to check out the Juice Truck online here and their Truck downtown Vancouver at the corner of Abbot and Water Streets and their storefront at 28 West 5th Avenue in Vancouver!!


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