What It’s Like to Try A Low Sugar Cleanse

Sugar is everywhere. Learn what it’s like to reduce it for 2 weeks.

Why Low Sugar?

At one of our recent Meetups, food expert Preet Marwaha referenced a study done on children with high sugar diets. The study showed that a high sugar diet (like most of us have) actually decreased the size of the childrens’ brains.

Preet mentioned this is due to a series of reactions sugar sets off.

First, the sugar you consume increases your blood sugar.

Then insulin is released to bind to the sugar and do something with it to bring your blood sugar back to normal (side note: it is often stored as fat).

Then hormones like epinephrin and nor-epinephrin are released to help you cope with the spike in sugar.

Then cortisol (our stress response) is released as a survival mechanism after the insulin lowers our blood sugar too much.

It’s this cortisol that is thought to literally eat away at our brain cells, shrinking the size of it and in turn, damaging it’s function.

Our Experiment with Low Sugar

2 weeks ago, I saw a naturopath for the 3rd time after getting a food sensitivity back. One of the things I’m sensitive to is candida, which is a type of yeast bacteria in our gut.

Candida lives in our gut and is one of the bad bacterias we want to contain.

And candida eats sugar.

So encouraged by the naturopath and given some instructions about taking probiotics, we went for it.


The first couple of days were a bit of an adjustment and eye opening to say the least.

We quickly realized we wouldn’t be able to cut sugar out completely as it’s in almost everything aside from fresh fruits and veggies.

So we opted for the more sustainable approach of low sugar-whole-foods-based-no alcohol-low coffee.

And I tell ya, I don’t know if I’ve EVER been more productive for a two week period in my life.

I started waking up without an alarm anywhere between 6:30-8:00 and literally just wake and excited for the day. This was probably the most notable change since I typically have to drag myself out of bed.

I made a lot of progress on 2 programs I’m soon launching, speech prep and running training.

Most of all, with everything going on right now and deadlines fast approaching, I haven’t felt stressed or overwhelmed while on the cleanse.

Final Thoughts

I’m sold.

With even small changes to the amount of sugar consumed, less coffee and alcohol and more whole foods, you can feel a lot better right away.

Add in some StickK goals and exercise and you too could boost your mood, energy and productivity this week!!

Leave a comment with what you plan to do and I’ll respond to every one of them!!

Get out there and rock it this week and try this out!! What do you have to lose?!?



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