How To Overcome The Perfectionist Within You

“The pursuit of excellence is gratifying and healthy. The pursuit of perfection is frustrating, neurotic and a terrible waste of time.”

– Edwin Bliss


We all do it.

Expect perfection in everything we do.

We expect our days to flow like a silky smooth river.

We expect our relationships to fulfill us all day every day.

We expect our health to remain childishly abundance because why wouldn’t we?

We expect our money situation to figure itself out and that one day, we’ll get our lucky break.


And then it hits us.


The day you get your test score back.

The day you can’t pay your Visa bill.

The day you get diagnosed.


Expectations crushed.

Reality shifts.

So begins the search, for a better explanation. A truer truth.



3 week road trip to US… no tent poles


What you find bothers you.

Perfection is a myth sold to us by slick marketers and society as a whole promising it’s just around the corner.

Guess what. There’s no parking lot of perfection waiting for you.

If you’ve been searching for it, let me save you some time. Stop now.

Your brain believes the myth because it wants to. It’s a sexy idea.

You have to override that. You’re smarter than that.

Once you accept that you, life and everyone else is imperfect, you can finally live free.


Free of the expectations.

Free of the pressure.

Free of the frustrations.


Able to push beyond and get scratched up.

Able to bounce back quickly from your stumbles.

Able to pursue your biggest, wildest, most freakish dream without fear taking over.


Accept your imperfections. Embrace them. Pursue excellence. Aim for the sweet spot, the sustainable path, not the perfect one.

Know that you’re not perfect.

And know that’s perfect.




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