Aussie Model With Half A Million Followers Comes Clean

Essena O’Neil had it all… money, glamour and success, but that didn’t stop her from feeling completely depressed.

Essena was the typical 12 year old girl, obsessing over Instagram photos of ‘perfect’ girls, trying to boost her likes and get attention. She did everything she could to become one of them, by figuring out their exact waist sizes to taking 100+ shots to get the perfect look of her stomach.

Then, she started getting traction. Her followers started skyrocketing, model agencies came calling and people couldn’t get enough of her.

That’s when she realized the dream life she had pursued for almost a decade wasn’t anything like what it looked like from the outside.

She saw through the perfectly manicured photos and the so called ‘dream lifestyle’ she was trying to portray.

She then shocked everyone and took a stand against the misleading images and is now speaking up about the realities of social media.


Here’s the powerful video where she shocked the world and provided a wake up call for many…


Screen Shot 2015-11-03 at 8.43.07 AM


Screen Shot 2015-11-03 at 8.43.21 AM


Here she is taking about the realities of what sucks about social media..


Essena has now launched a website to host open discussions around social media, body image, mental health and self-confidence.

Check it out here and join the conversation by commenting below with what you think of Essena’s announcement.


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