How I Upgrade My Bulletproof Coffee


Upgrade your Bulletproof Coffee to save money and improve your health

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1) Local beans that have been recently roasted
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While watching the TED Talk below on coffee quality, I learned that the most important factor in coffee bean quality is in fact the time between roasting the beans and consumption. The less time elapsed the better.


For this reason, I seek out local (GO LOCAL!!) coffee shops that list their roasting dates (as seen above with Elysian beans which are a staple in my house). Another great local shop that does this is JJ Bean.


Watch the TED Talk for the full explanation if you’re skeptical…


2) Organic Sugar
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 If you’re not yet converted to the organic train, hop on. Seriously. Non-organic food messes us up and for something we consume so regularly, this should definitely be on your ‘buy organic’ list.


The reduction of toxins, endocrine disruptors and synthetic chemicals into your body will take pressure off of your digestive system, liver and kidneys. Even if you don’t notice a difference, you can trust that your body does.


It’s a simple equation here… less toxins in = healthier you.


Of course there’s also the option of drinking coffee without sugar which is best, but if you’re like me, this isn’t an option.


3) Coconut Oil instead of butter and MCT Oil

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Dave Asprey advises to add grass-fed butter (super expensive and hard to source) and MCT Oil (which he sells) to your Bulletproof Coffee.


After doing this religiously for a few months, I wasn’t happy with the results. I started packing on extra weight around the waist and my coffee bill was much higher than it should be.


*Note: I was drinking 2 cups per day on average


I decided to swap out the butter and MCT oil and use coconut oil instead. MCT oil is derived from Coconuts anyway, so you still get the brain-boosting healthy fats (MCT’s – medium chain triglycerides) and you can avoid the dairy, whether in the form of butter, milk or cream. Coconut oil also has a ton of benefits, from being anti-viral, anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, etc.. and improves your body’s ability to burn fat as fuel.


Result: waist has slimmed back down and budget is happier. Still tastes great.


How to Make The Real Bulletproof Coffee, from Dave Asprey


I don’t have anything wrong with the real Bulletproof Coffee and I’m a big fan of Dave Asprey. Love his podcast and his blog.


I actually love the real Bulletproof Coffee, but as a daily drink, I’ve found something that works better for me.


To see how the real stuff is made, watch the video below with Dave himself to show you…



Leave a comment below with how YOU upgrade your morning coffee. Would love to hear your ideas!!



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