Drink This for Stress-Reducing, Energy-Boosting, Blood-Building Awesomeness

What I do when I don’t have time to make a smoothie

Power Juice

Why ‘Power Juice’??

Because it fuels me on days I need an extra kick.

Day’s I have a power smoothie, but need a little extra.

Day where I work all day, then push hard on a run, or climbing.


Days when I just don’t have time to make a smoothie in the morning.


Why stress-reducing??

This comes from adding either maca powder (also good energy booster) OR ashwagandha (also a good sleep aid).


Why Energy Boosting??

This comes from adding either marine phytoplankton (liquid drops) or schisandra (powder).

Both incredible, sustainable (and super healthy) energy boosting, natural superfoods.

For example, marine phytoplanton is also my go-to food for Omega 3’s.


2 Reasons…

It’s got the right TYPE of Omega 3’s (there are 3 types)…


Our brains need EPA & DHA for proper function.

Most plant based sources (hemp seeds, chia seeds,  flax, etc…) are great, but they’re primarily ALA – not the type our brains need.

But most animal sources (fatty fish… salmon, tuna, etc..) are EPA & DHA but come with toxins from being so high on the food chain.

Marine Phytoplankton is an algae (gross right?!?!? but don’t judge!!) and is actually thought to be one of the primary sources of all EPA & DHA in the world (in the sea and on land).

It’s an amazing food, because it’s got the right type of Omega 3’s, but it’s low enough on the food chain that its (more) free of toxins.

Another awesome option for this exact purpose is Krill Oil, but it’s typically consumed via capsules (pills), so I prefer Marine Phytoplankton.



Why Blood Building??

Mostly because of the Chlorella you can add.

What the heck is Chlorella???!!

Chlorella is another type of algae (oh god!!), and it’s equally powerful as Marine Phytoplankton, just for different purposes.

It’s been thought to remove heavy metals from our bodies (sweeeet – we all have them in us)…


It’s full of chlorophyll which gives it it’s green colour.

Chlorophyll has a molecular make-up that’s almost identical to our blood, making it a great blood-building superfood.


Check out this video to see me make one of my versions of this quick and powerful drink!!


Power Juice [Video]




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