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Helping mental health reach the tipping point through speaking, consulting, and our signature programs.


Mavrixx is a Vancouver-based mental health training agency created to promote mental health and wellness to youth, professionals and organizations. Through speaking, consulting and our in house programs, we aim to shift the dialogue around mental health and offer support, resources and tools for young people to manage stress, perform at a high level and have more fun!

Our Vision

At Mavrixx, we are ambitiously determined to push the mental health conversation forward by empowering youth, service providers, companies and communities to address mental health in an inspiring way.

Meet Brent Seal

Founder & Head Trainer

In January, 2016, Brent became the first person living with schizophrenia to summit South America’s highest mountain – Aconcagua (22, 841 ft) and in June, 2016 he did the same on North America’s highest mountain – Denali (20,310 ft). Brent has shared his story for the past 10 years in the media and on stages across Canada to let people know that it’s ok to talk about mental health and that mental illness no longer has to be a life sentence. Brent created Mavrixx in 2014 to help redefine mental health so that people no longer have to struggle in silence.


The Edge Program

The EDGE is a multi-week mental health recovery program for youth who are being held back from their potential due to mental health challenges. Topics covered are the things that most impact our mental health beyond medication and therapy. We offer this program to groups and individuals. Please contact us if you are interested.


LEAP Live is a full day speaker training workshop for young people passionate about mental health promotion. Happening September 30, 2018 in beautiful Vancouver, British Columbia.


We live in a world where mental health is rarely talked about. It’s often associated with shame and darkness, which leads to far too many people struggling in silence. We want to change that by opening the dialogue and allowing the conversation to be normalized.


Our Founder Brent Seal inspires audiences with stories from his mental health journey, ultra-marathons and climbing some of the world’s highest mountains.


We offer guidance and strategy on mental health topics and initiatives including campaigns, innovation, mental health policy, youth engagement and more.

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8 Words That Can Change Your Life [Video]

8 Words That Can Change Your Life [Video]

When my Dad said these 8 words to me, I didn't believe him. But they stuck with me, and they changed my life. Peoples' words can change the world and we often aren't aware of the power of our words. Watch this video to hear how my Dad changed my life with one...

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Mental Illness Is My Driving Force [Video]

Mental Illness Is My Driving Force [Video]

Today is Bell Let's Talk Day in Canada. A day to open the dialogue around mental health to spread awareness and offer hope to those who feel hopeless. With this in mind, we are excited to launch a video we've been working on for the past couple of months - 'Mental...

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Here-2-There 3.0: Your Climb to Mental Wellness [Event]

Here-2-There 3.0: Your Climb to Mental Wellness [Event]

 "The world is complicated and challenging” said Schauch. “Through conversation, imagery, visual art and music, the attendees will be taken on a journey.” Here-2-There 3.0: Your Climb to Mental Wellness, an event hosted by author, life coach and lecturer Sam Thiara...

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Expectations When Diagnosed With Mental Illness [Video]

Expectations When Diagnosed With Mental Illness [Video]

Too often when we're diagnoses with mental illness, we lower our expectations of ourselves as do those around us. In this video, Brent suggests an alternative approach that's far more empowering. "Things that aren't possible today, doesn't mean it can't be possible...

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