[Guest Post] Beyond Attitude – Building Positivity In A Chaotic World


Today’s blog is about achieving positivity and preparing for a right state of mind. It’s a guest post from Wahida Gardizi. Wahida is currently working with Mavrixx as an Account Manager, and is passionate about promoting mental health and wellness. While studying in the UK, she conducted a research project on mental health in her university to contribute to the mental health literacy of the community.


ENTER WAHIDA                                                                                                   

“There’s something good in every day”

This is a mantra I believe in.

What is it like to be in the right state of mind? Does it mean surrounding ourselves with positive people and having a positive outlook on life?

Recently I read an article about ‘the secret of getting into a right frame of mind.’

It was intended for male audiences, but it can apply to anyone.

According to the article, the right state of mind is defined as being prepared and believing in our success.

Having a positive mind-set is not just about having pleasant thoughts, but preparing ourselves for whatever it is we want to achieve.

It takes practice, hard work and dedication.

While having a positive attitude is good, it is not enough.

Ultimately it’s our actions that influence our brain.

As the saying goes…

“When you are prepared you are confident, and when you are confident you know you will succeed.”


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And as Henry Ford said…

“Whether you believe you can or you can’t, you’re right.”

Often we harm ourselves with negative self-talk that holds us back.

We don’t take risks, we feel inadequate, we choose not to be vulnerable, and so that we end up creating these barriers and limit ourselves from all the possibilities out there.

We choose in-action over action.

That can be changed from a simple mindset shift from ‘What I Can’t Do’ to What I Can Do.’

There are also some simple actions we can take to bring more positivity into our lives…


POSITIVITY BOOSTERS                                                              

  • Always smile – Smiling is a source of positive energy not just to us, but to those around us
  • Be Active – Find an activity that you actually enjoy and make it part of your life. It can be as simple as going for a walk or dancing in your living room!!
  • Learn Something Daily – Pick up a hobby and learn a new skill. Choose a subject that will help you excel and study it. Learning boosts our self-confidence
  • Give – Be kind and generous – it’s one of the best feelings in the world!!
  • Be Mindful – Practice self-awareness and live in the present moment. It’s impossible to get upset about the past or worry about the future when you’re ‘in’ the present
  • Connect – A simple ‘hello’ to a stranger or a phone call to a friend can boost our positivity
  • Reframe Failure – See failure as a way to learn and grow. Think of it this way.. ‘Every time you stumble, you learn valuable lessons’
  • Focus on Gratitude – Take a moment each day to focus on the things you are grateful for. This will make you more aware of the positive things around you


Lastly, what do you do for staying positive? Share in the comments below!!


About the author: Wahida Gardizi has recently returned to the province of British Columbia after living abroad for a number of years. She is passionate about Public Relations and Social Media, and a promoter of good mental well-being. She has her Bachelor’s in Criminology from SFU, and M.A in Global Public Relations and Communications from Cardiff University in the UK where she conducted a study on mental health.  She loves keeping fit and is also a big time foodie.



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