The EDGE: Program Launch


The EDGE will take students on a 5 week journey of wellness


What is ‘The EDGE’?

With The EDGE, students will learn how to get more done while being less stressed and having more fun.

The EDGE is a 5 week training program designed for high school students in the Metro Vancouver area.

Through a combination of in person and online training, students will learn about and apply tools and strategies to help them cope with hectic workloads, high stress and chaos of our modern world.

Students will learn about mental health and mental illness, supplying them with tools to get support for themselves, family members and friends when needed.

They will also learn about and start to apply high performance wellness strategies to learn how to quickly reduce stress, boost self-confidence and boost their productivity.

How Can We Sign Up?

A pilot program of The EDGE will be launched in February, 2015 in two high schools in the Metro Vancouver area.

An evaluation process will be included to monitor the impact of the program and provide guidance in preparation for the full program launch in the Fall of 2015.

If you are interested in brining The EDGE  to your high school, please contact Brent Seal here.


The EDGE Training Program - Brent Seal