Working Out In The New Year


Working Out In The New Year.

New Year-Why does everyone wait until the New Year to do something that they know will make them unhealthy? It is a bad idea to wait until the New Year to make changes. However, this habit has become so common that many of us expect to be able to reverse this trend when we lose our shine in January. Instead, why not look at this as a challenge to get in shape, maintain your health, and look your best for at least six months. There are several benefits to making these small changes.

• Start a healthier lifestyle. Burn more calories by doing activities such as walking instead of running and use that extra time to walk outdoors. You will also have a chance to see the benefits of your improved health by seeing your doctor for a checkup and possibly for an aerobic exercise class.

• Take steps to improve your health. If you have not had a physical in quite some time, take this as a signal to get in shape and to begin learning about how to incorporate weight training into your life. Make sure that you include all of the health benefits of aerobic exercise, including weight loss, increased stamina, toned muscles, and a lower risk of injury. Also, be aware that bones are in constant danger during any sport or exercise, so never forget to take care of your bones with proper nutrition (dietary guidelines can be found in any local paper), most especially, calcium and vitamin D, the two latter items are found in sufficient amounts in milk and other dairy products.

• Think of exercise as a way to enjoy yourself. Always remember that exercise is a way to be happy and be in good health. If you think of exercise as an enjoyable way to spend your free time, you will do it more often, and with less stress. This will keep you from thinking of exercise as an undesirable way to spend your time. If there is nothing to do but think of how you look, positive that something in your life is better, it may be time to think outside the box.

• When you decide exercise is for you, think of at least three reasons why you want it. Not only do you want to be healthier, but you also want to look different, and more attractive. Here are some examples of reasons:

• You want to be healthier because you want to provide yourself with the tools or the resources to feel better;

• You want to look better because you want to take the steps necessary to achieve it;

• You want to change your lifestyle because you realize it is unhealthy and you want to do what is necessary to change;

• You are overwhelmed by how much you need to do and by what you cannot change;

• You know it makes you feel lousy, and you are terrified of not being able to achieve it;

• You are confused by the various diets and the weird workouts and unsure of what else to do;

• You don’t know where to begin, you are overwhelmed, discouraged, and yet;

• You recognize that exercise will make the change and you are ready to start;

• You are scared, you are worried, and you know you’ll fail. It makes you feel like a failure;

• You are overwhelmed, discouraged, and yet;

• You know it makes a change, and you are not ready to give up.



These reasons are important. They make change uncomfortable. It could be a reason you haven’t been successful in the past. Or, it could be why you haven’t tried before. Some people reason, “Well, I tried that in the past.” When you try before you turn out to be right, you are more likely to succeed.

Make it your daily routine that you review the way you accomplish your daily goals and make adjustments accordingly, on the way you go.

What you think is important–what you want to move toward and, when you think of it–what you want to stay toward is important too.

You gain more by moving toward accomplishing your goals than you do when you get stuck or not doing what you want to do. If you’re not sure where you are you are moving toward, you’re running in circles.

Go with your flow–the next thing you know it is the most obvious, Kostroma thing you could ever imagine.

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