This game truly rocks, but it can also truly rock you.


You Need to Play This

This game is intense. Full on mystic at times with levels you nor I will likely reach.

It’s fun, you can be who you want and explore so many maps.

It’s exciting. To my limited knowledge, there’s a never ending source of new experiences, more so than any other game I’ve played.

It’s challenging. Whenever you think you’ve figured it out, that’s when the curveballs come, like a perfectly timed assembly line.

It’s painful. This game packs a punch. It can literally bring you to your knees after you biggest triumph.

It’s powerful. The impact it can have over you is immense, you’re best to keep on your toes.

It’s beautiful. The visuals are stunning, but elusive. It takes work to find the beauty.

It’s LIFE. That’s the game.

Life is all of these things and as you know, much more.

The point is to live it. To play the game of Life, the most incredible video game on earth. Screw your 4K screen and go fully wide screen with all of your senses.

Instead of working on a character in an XBOX game, work on YOU. Work on your character. Instead of filling up a Farmville account, fill up your bank account.

Choose the real thing over the man made – whether cars, trips, food or really anything you do.

Choose full experiences over manufactured ones. All inclusive vacations where you stuff your face with shit food and alcohol? No thanks. I’ll take the indigenous-run secluded beaches in the San Blas Islands off the coast of Panama over the all inclusive any day.

Think of the benefits 3, 6, 12, 24 months out if you dedicated yourself fully to the game of LIFE.

Think of the people you’ve love to meet, then reach out to them.

Think of something you’d love to know, then start Googling.

Think of somewhere you’d love to travel, then start saving.

Think of a job you could do that wouldn’t feel like work, then start strategizing.


Play hard and play fully.

Thanks for the inspiration Val, Mike, Chantal, Maja, Jubril, family and friends.

If you’re struggling with where to start, stop thinking and start doing. You’ll figure it out as you go, stumble and then you’ll be granted with the clarity you’re looking for. You won’t get it by thinking more.


Some Adventures..

Caronas Arch - MAVRIXX BLOG

Corona’s Arch – Utah


Zion Canyon - MAVRIXX BLOG

Trekkin up a Canyon in Zion


Grand Canyon - MAVRIXX BLOG

Grand Canyon


Dirty Feet Trail Run - MAVRIXX BLOG

Our first 16km – Kamloops, British Columbia


Sail Boat Fishing - MAVRIXX BLOG

Failing at fishing off a friend’s sail boat – Vancouver



Approaching the summit ridge – Mt Matier – Pemberton, British Columbia


San Blas Islands - MAVRIXX BLOG

Snorkling in the San Blas Islands, Panama


San Blas Islands 2 - MAVRIXX Blog

Taking a break from sailing in the San Blas


Richard Branson Talk - BLOG

With my pop about to hear Richard Branson speak



On a hike with mentor to many, Sam Thiara – North Vancouver


Canadian Christmas - MAVRIXX BLOG

This is how Canadians collect Christmas trees, incase you didn’t know


Get out there!!


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