3 Workout Hacks for the Lazy Voice Inside You


It all comes down to stacking

Have you been trying to workout consistently, but struggling to stick with it??

It happens to everyone.

Rather than rely on discipline and will power, it’s time to level up your strategy.

In the video below, I share 3 strategies I stack on top of one another to get results and stay active.

No, I’m not perfect. I have days and weeks that go by with little to no exercise.

But from where I was before learning about these strategies

– 50lbs heavier than I am now, a ‘back of the pack’ hiker and struggling to run a 2km loop

– to completing ultramarathons, building a body I’m happy with and having more energy than I’ve ever had

I can confidently say that these strategies work, even for us lazy, undisciplined ones.

Check it here and leave a comment below with what you commit to doing starting today.


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Until next time..


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