Potent Training for Superior Fitness [Video]

Apply this technique to save time and boost fitness…FAST

Train Hard

Training on hills, with or without a weight vest is your best bang for your buck workout there is


Hill running is fun!!


Yes, hill running is fun, after you hill run for a while.


When you train hard, harder than you need to, things just seem easier after a while. Think about it. If you train hard enough to run a marathon, or take part in a Tough Mudder, or a triathlon, how hard would an average day of work or school feel?

It’s all relative.

And by training on the hills, or with a weight vest, or both, you can boost your fitness quicker than almost any other activity.

This requires a lot of effort, no doubt.


This saves you time.


Get’s you Superior Fitness FAST.

Try it out and leave a comment below on how it works for you!!

OH! And check out the video below for what hill running with a weight vest actually looks like. I swear it’s fun once you get used to it 😉



Seriously, leave a comment below so others can hear how this works!!


Keep Well and Keep Inspiring!!


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