10 Pump Up Songs For Your Running Playlist


These 10 songs will have you sprinting faster than Usain

It’s time to upgrade your playlist. The songs below are all on my running mix. I don’t actually run with music too often, but lately it’s been making a big difference.

Music can somehow allow you to tap in to energy reserves you didn’t even know you had. I remember running the Vancouver Marathon last year [which was full on pain as I’m used to trail running] and ‘Changes’ [Tupac] coming on and I literally [and stupidly] got so pumped up and started sprinting past everyone in sight. Then the song ended and the next songs just couldn’t do it. I tried listening to Changes once more and no luck.

Luckily the songs below are diverse and less well known, but just as ‘pump you up’ as any.

Some you might only be able to find on YouTube [like the DJ ToMEE mix], so for those you can use your favourite YouTube to MP3 converter. Otherwise please be awesome and buy on iTunes or equivalent legit service for some Karma points 🙂

**Sidenote: the rest of the ‘Art of Flight’ soundtrack compliments Young Blood well – so good!!

The Mix

1) Habits (Stay High) [Hippie Sabotage Remix] – Tove Lo
2) Jungle – X Ambassadors & Jamie N Commons
3) Come a Little Closer – Ambassadeurs
4) Animals – Martin Garrix
5) This is What it Feels Like (ft Trevor Guthrie) – Armin van Buuren
6) Levels – Avicii
7) The Naked Famous – Young Blood (The Art of Flight Soundtrack)
8) 93 ’til Infinity – Souls of Mischief
10) Ibiza House Mix 2009 – DJ ToMEE


Whaddya think?? What’s your favourite?? What have I missed??


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Hope this has been helpful. If so, lace up and get out there!!


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