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Want a Crash Course in Wellness?

We all want a life of health and happiness, but studies continue to show that on average we are more stressed and less content even though we seem to have more wealth than ever before.

If we live day to day, reacting to stress as it appears, we tend to fall into negative coping habits, like drinking alcohol, eating garbage food, or some other ‘drug’ of choice.

What we need are strategies to deal with the stress we are faced with.

The great thing is there are countless people who have cracked the wellness code, so to speak. People who, often despite poor odds, are thriving with their health and in life.

I am honoured to be among some of these fine folks speaking at the ‘Be Well and Alive’ Wellness Fair, happening Nov 30-Dec 1, 2013.


Click here for event details: Be Well and Alive Wellness Fair
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Join me and 7 other top wellness speakers sharing strategies to help you deal with stress in our hyper-connected, hyper-competitive world.

This will be an intimate setting with tons of takeaways, but we’re expecting it to sell out, so grab your ticket today if you can make it!



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I will be speaking at 1pm on Sunday, Dec 1st.

In my session, you’ll be working on the 2 key strategies that have been the foundation of my wellness for the past 5 years.

These two strategies have allowed me to build a life filled with wellness and they are super simple to implement. After learning about these 2 strategies and applying them, I have been able to find work I truly love, make tough decisions with clarity and push myself harder than ever with confidence and support.

I went from attempting suicide in 2007, to Valedictorian in 2010 and I attribute a big part of that progress to the 2 strategies I will be sharing in this presentation. I’ll be sharing the exact steps I took to progress quickly, yet sustainably.

Other presenters will include talks on Stress Management, Brain Fitness Mindfulness, Yoga and the Mind/Body Connection and other cutting edge wellness topics.

You’re not going to want to miss this. It will be a one time event and again, we are expecting this to sell out quickly, so snap up your ticket today to reserve your spot!


Click here to grab your ticket today: Be Well and Alive 

*And remember to use the promo code ‘3DayDeal’ when purchasing your ticket for a 25% discount! This offer is only valid until Friday, Nov 15, so act fast!


Keep Well,

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