Here-To-There Keynote Speech [Video]

“It was this process of setting a very clear objective and putting your head down and enduring the pain and struggle and challenges along the way”

Recently, I had the opportunity to speak at Here-2-There 3.0: Your Climb to Mental Wellness – an annual event held in Vancouver, BC organized by Sam Thiara and Mike Schauch.

In the clip from the speech below, I share a story from my teenage years of an experience that later helped me overcome my mental health struggles, and that still keeps me driven and focused today.

It’s a process I’ve applied to many parts of my life and one that you likely have been applying as well. Wherever you’re at with it, here’s a call to level it up and tap even deeper into it’s power…


Pursuing Dreams With Mental Illness

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*Speech filmed by James Frystak Studio