Here-2-There 3.0: Your Climb to Mental Wellness [Event]

 “The world is complicated and challenging” said Schauch. “Through conversation, imagery, visual art and music, the attendees will be taken on a journey.”


Here-2-There 3.0: Your Climb to Mental Wellness, an event hosted by author, life coach and lecturer Sam Thiara and mountaineer, adventurer and investment professional Mike Schauch. Thiara and Schauch, along with guests, will present an engaging evening that explores the topic of mental and social issues and the journey of a few people who share their climb to mental wellness and allowing the conversations to emerge that helps create a healing and helping society.



Brent Sharing His Story and Here-2-There on Breakfast TV

What does it take to achieve mental wellness in an increasingly complex and stressful world? Here-2-There 3.0: Your Climb to Mental Wellness is the third installment in the leadership series, and tackles the topic of mental health by exposing the stigmas and often hidden challenges on the journey to mental wellness.

Be inspired by community leaders as they share their tools and coping mechanisms, and stories of determination, self discovery, and strength to deal with internal adversities.  It is also about creating the space for sharing, acceptance and understanding by society.  The more we are informed and talk openly about mental health, the better we are able to support each other.


The event will includes four dynamic speakers, including our Founder, Brent Seal.


Each one to share their journey to mental wellness.  As you will appreciate, their climb to mental wellness was/is not an easy one and there are still continued struggles but with a supportive environment and conversations, the opportunity exists to ease the challenges. Also to be included is a live music performance by Vancouver’s violist Thomas Beckman, improvised to the awe-inspiring visual art of photographer Eric Saczuk.


All profits from the event will benefit a local network of youth-led mental health enterprises.



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Brent Seal

Brent Seal is a Speaker, Trainer and Adventurer and the Founder of Mavrixx. Based in Vancouver, Brent is the creator of The EDGE High Performance Wellness Training Program and the MINDvsMOUNTAIN Adventure Program. Brent is a Co-Creator and Co-Host of the Balancing Our Minds Youth Summit held at Rogers Arena and he's likely Canada's 4th worst ultra-runner.

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