FEAT Speech – The Overlap Between Mental Health and Climbing Mountains

“But they never told me I couldn’t do it. And I started to realize on this journey of climbing bigger and bigger mountains that there’s so much parallel between that and climbing out of a mental health struggle.”

Earlier this year, I had the opportunity to speak at FEAT Canada.

FEAT stands for Fascinating Expedition and Adventure Talks.

It’s an event I’ve attended in the past and have been fully inspired by the stories I heard. I’ll never forget hearing Philip McKernan present a few years back. His speech was so captivating, it inspired me to become a better speaker.

Late last year, I was nominated to speak at FEAT by my good friend Mike, and decided to go for it.

The format was something unlike anything I had performed before. 7 minutes to the second, with 21 timed slides rotating every 20 seconds. It took a fair bit of prep, but the challenge was worth it as the crowd was great and the feedback was positive.

Plus I was able to hear some friends and other inspiring adventurers share their stories, like the Run Like a Girl gals (Courtney and Dayna) and one of the most inspiring stories of overcoming adversity I’ve ever heard from Red Bull athlete Kirsten Sweetland.

Thanks to those who made it in person, to Mike for the nom and to the organizers for hosting a great event.




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