Announcement: Everest 2020 Expedition for Mental Health

“Mental illness no longer has to be a life sentence”

Brent Seal

Head Trainer & Mountaineer, Mavrixx

After more than 10 years of dreaming and 5 years of planning, going on multiple expeditions to prepare and a false start last year, we are thrilled to announce our plans for a Spring, 2020 MINDvsMOUNTAIN Everest expedition for mental health.

And in the coming weeks, we’ll announce details of how you can be involved through an innovative campaign to inspire and raise funds and awareness.

In the months of April – May, 2020, I will be joined by my good friend and climbing partner James Frystak on the expedition. My plan is to summit via the South Side (with oxygen) with a summit push around mid-late May. James’ plan is to trek to Everest Basecamp and focus on documenting the journey and filming the beautiful landscapes.

After the expedition, we’ll produce a short documentary with the intention of spreading the idea that you can pursue big goals and dreams even while living with mental illness.

Check the official MINDvsMOUNTAIN: Everest 2020 Trailer video below and if you haven’t already, we invite you to follow the #RoadToEverest on Instagram @mindvsmountain and in the Facebook Group: MINDvsMOUNTAIN Community

Everest Expedition Launch Date









Thanks so much for dropping by and stay tuned for more updates!!

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