Welcome to our consulting page where you can find a number of the exciting projects we’ve been working on. If you’re looking for a passionate, driving force of energy to infuse more wellness into your organization or community, you’re in the right place.

Our Founder and Head Consultant, Brent Seal is educated in business, graduating as Valedictorian from SFU’s Beedie School of Business.

Brent also has 8+ years of experience in the youth mental health field, working with such diverse groups from the RCMP to the Mental Health Commission of Canada, School Boards and virtually every mental health charity in British Columbia.

From establishing programs, to hosting events and authentically engaging youth and catalyzing communities, Brent has a diverse skill set and network of colleagues, youth and speakers to pull from.

Brent also lives a lifestyle of wellness as much as possible, from running ultramarathons to climbing some of the world’s highest mountains and deeply into superfoods and smoothies, Brent does his best to be the role model he was searching for when he was struggling with his own mental health.

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Family Smart Research Report Title Page

FamilySmart™ is trademarked to represent policies, programs and services that are just that – FamilySmart. Brent was hired by the National Institute of Families for Child and Youth Mental Health to facilitate the creation of the criteria for FamilySmart. He has worked with hundreds of families and youth collecting and analyzing data and is now working with a team on the next steps. FamilySmarthas recently been launched as a national community to connect families with service providers, policy makers and funders in the mental health field. Please visit for more information

Provincial Family Council Manual

IF Family Council - Start Up Guide Title Page

The Provincial Family Council (PFC) is a BC based mental health advocacy group created in 2010 led by the Institute of Families. They are dedicated to leveraging the voices of families with lived experience of mental illness to create changes on a provincial level. After being invited to sit on several key government committees, the PFC decided to document what they had done to share the knowledge with other provinces interested in setting up a PFC of their own. Brent was hired to write the step-by-step manual which is currently being shared with a number of

interested provinces in Canada.

The Future of SMW: Research, Pilot, Expand

The Future of SMW project is designed to gather input from hundreds of students from across BC to understand what are the major stressors of college life and what those students want a mental health organization to do about them. Started in 2010, the project has completed a literature scan (found here – and is currently conducting surveys. Brent has co-led the project which had included finding a grant, creating and staying within a budget, hiring researchers and managing the team.

Mental Health Commission of Canada – National Committee Member

The Evergreen project was initiated by the Mental Health Commission of Canada ( to complement and provide a child and youth context to the Mental Health Strategy for Canada. Brent was one of only 100 experts in Canada selected to provide input as a national committee member.



Brent Seal

Brent Seal is a Speaker, Trainer and Adventurer and the Founder of Mavrixx. Based in Vancouver, Brent is the creator of The EDGE High Performance Wellness Training Program and the MINDvsMOUNTAIN Adventure Program. Brent is a Co-Creator and Co-Host of the Balancing Our Minds Youth Summit held at Rogers Arena and he's likely Canada's 4th worst ultra-runner.

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