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Mavrixx is a Canadian-based mental health training agency founded by Brent Seal to empower youth who have struggled with mental health challenges or high stress.

Through Speaking, Consulting and our signature programs (The EDGE, the LEAP Academy and MINDvsMOUNTAIN), we offer resources, strategies and tools for individuals and communities to overcome struggles, manage stress and perform at a higher level.



Through Speaking, Brent shares stories of mental health, wellness and adventures to inspire audiences to live well and live fully. For a full list of topics, videos and testimonials, click here.

Through Consulting, Brent advises organizations looking to develop mental health and wellness programs, events and projects. For a list of offerings and examples of past projects, click here.




The EDGE - Mavrixx About Page

Through The EDGE, Mavrixx takes youth on a multi-week journey of mental health and high performance wellness learning and activities to give them the tools, language and skills to handle the stress and chaos of our modern world.

For details on the EDGE, click here.



LEAP Academy - Mavrixx About Page

LEAP stands for Lived Experience and Paid. Through The LEAP Academy, we train youth with lived experience of mental health challenges how to present speeches and workshops from how to get their name out there ad find bookings to how to structure the speech and truly engage audiences.

If interested in running the LEAP training for a group of youth interested in mental health promotion, contact us here.


MvM Mavrixx About Page

Through MINDvsMOUNTAIN, our Founder Brent seeks to inspire youth to pursue positive mental health by taking on big adventures. To date, Brent has climbed North and South America’s highest mountains – becoming the first person in history living with schizophrenia to do so. In 2018 he plans to climb Cho Oyu (the world’s 6th highest mountain) and in 2019 he will attempt to climb Mt Everest (the worlds highest mountain).

If you or your organization are interested in sponsoring this initiative, contact us here.




Brent Seal is one of Canada’s leading youth mental health voices, having launched one of the country’s first mental health student clubs on a university campus – Students For Mental Wellness – in 2008 and one of Canada’s first youth-led mental health social enterprises – Mavrixx in 2014.

Since 2008, Brent has played a key role in promoting mental health in BC and across Canada, working on and launching projects, programs and events including: The Balancing Our Minds Youth Summit, Healthy Minds-Healthy Campuses, The Kelty Youth Ambassador Program, The Champions of Wellness Awards, mindcheck.ca and the Child and Youth Mental Health Collaborative.

While studying in university, Brent experienced serious mental health challenges which led him to sharing his story around British Columbia and across Canada;  graduate from his SFU Business Class as Valedictorian; run a number of ultramarathons; and climbing +10,000ft peaks around the world including North and South America’s highest mountains.











Member and Trip Leader – Alpine Club of Canada

Former Member – BC Mountaineering Club

Member and Certified Rescue Diver – PADI

Co-Founder and Co-Host – Balancing Our Minds Youth Summit

Co-Creator – Kelty Youth Ambassador Program

Co-Creator – Champions of Wellness Awards

Member – Bridge for Health Network

Co-Founder – Vancouver Wellness Meetup




Mavrixx is a Vancouver-based social enterprise created to promote mental health and wellness to youth, professionals and organizations. Through speaking, consulting and our in house programs, we aim to shift the dialogue around mental health and offer support, resources and tools for young people to manage stress, perform at a high level and have more fun!

In 2007, while studying Business at Simon Fraser University, Brent Seal the founder of Mavrixx was diagnosed with schizophrenia after an attempted suicide. After a strong recovery with help from the EPI (Early Psychosis Intervention) program, he went on to graduate as Valedictorian of his class, complete a number of ultra-marathons, climb North and South America’s highest mountains and launch Mavrixx.

Brent has become one of the leading voices promoting youth mental health and wellness across Canada. He has been a co-creator and co-host of the Balancing Our Minds Youth Summit at Roger’s Arena. He also co-emcees the BC-based Child and Youth Mental Health Substance Use BC Collaborative Learning Sessions.